Expanding Your Property Portfolio

By using effective macro and micro management techniques, our industry contacts and in house expertise, we believe that we have the perfect setup to assist clients to maximise their existing portfolios, increase rental income and and expand organically.


What We Offer

Managing a property portfolio takes up a considerable amount of time as it is. Often, landlords do not have the time or expertise to use their current assets or available funds to expand their property portfolio to increase value and rental income.

Phase 1

As part of our property portfolio expansion service, skilled micro management techniques will form the initial part of the process to ensure that the initial property portfolio is operating at maximum or optimum efficiency. Our team will intrinsically pick through the portfolio and advise how to yield the highest returns and where possible, increase the value of their assets.

Phase 2

As the second part of the process, as and when possible and feasible, we will use macro management techniques including:

  • physical development / modernisation
  • reconfiguration of properties
  • additional acquisitions
  • re-financing and
  • restructuring

Our services in this respect will be ongoing. We will continually seek ways and means to expand the property portfolio, always with our client’s instructions at hand.

Phase 3

As the final phase, we will ensure that the property portfolio continues to be managed efficiently.

Each case is dealt with on an individual basis and we work together with the client to achieve predetermined goals. We have a dedicated team and a wide range of experts on hand, ranging from surveyors to contractors, who are all efficiently geared to handle all angles of portfolio expansion.