Property Portfolio Management

Through our network of contacts and an in house specialist team, we offer a full service package for property portfolio management. Whether the property portfolio comprises of commercial, retail or residential property, our experienced team is geared to manage property portfolios of all sizes.

What We Offer

Each property portfolio is assessed on an individual basis and our services are tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Queens House can take over and handle all day to day matters relating to the running of the portfolio. This includes:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the portfolio’s current income
  • Dealing with all tenants
  • Ensuring that, as far as is possible, all elements of the portfolio are fully up to date and compliant with current legislation
  • Forming a carefully tailored plan of action as per the client’s vision and executing such plan.
  • Working on behalf of the landlord to maximise and expand the portfolio
  • Exploring and establishing potential routes to expand the portfolio
  • Undertaking developments and refurbishments
  • Property sourcing
  • Funding – liaising and negotiating with lenders
  • Arranging new and renewing existing tenancies
  • Dealing with rent arrears and problematic tenants
  • Providing bookkeeping, rent collection and property management services
  • Arranging for portfolio property insurance where feasible
  • Freehold block management

We always aim to ensure that the portfolio is operating at optimum efficiency and yielding maximum returns for landlords. This is achieved through our knowledge of the London property industry, expertise in property portfolio expansion and through our many contacts within the industry.